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About Us

Building with Big Boy Energy since 2014

A Trusted Polymath Consultant and Partner

With small business experience and an unmatched ability to adapt to new challenges, we understand the nuances of what makes a modern project successful in today's hyper-competitive landscape. We've built collaborated with other creatives across the country, and have been hired by technical clients around the world.

  • Oversaw the development and launch of televised video games that exceeded 50,000 downloads.
  • Advised multiple NFT project leads on optimial market entry which resulted in selling out on day one.
  • Conducted in-depth blockchain forensics to identify hidden costs for web3 organizations.

With your vision, our guidance, and a little Big Boy Energy,
Big Boys NYC will set you up for success.


Multimedia Production Collective is a mouthful. What can we do for you?

Strategic Management

Do you know how to optimize your delivery to market?

Game Design and Development

We've worked directly with industry leaders to become experts in everything from level design to gamification. Our games have won innovation awards and have been featured in primetime television.

NFT Projects

We're closely involved with this rapidly-growing landscape. Our team can create your digital art, establish your brand, set up your online community, and develop a launch plan to optimize your chance at success.

Music Production

Need an original track, remix, or just want to clean up some audio? We've released several multi-genre electronic albums to critical acclaim.


Oh boy, we've been busy

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A rich universe portrayed in games,
lore, and visual media.

Big Boys NYC on Spotify

Big Boys NYC

Multi-genre electronic music released
under our own record label.

Nifty Nanas

Nifty Nanas

Game design and development for the AstroNana game
and other Nifty Nana projects.

Tech Folk

Tech Folk

Strategic advisory for the sold-out
NFT company-building game.



Strategic advisory and financial management consultation for the popular Minecraft NFT platform.

Sleepy Lil Bois

Sleepy Lil Bois

A casual NFT project created by Big Boys NYC.

Wander and Ponder

Wander and Ponder

An independent travel focused on
introspection and personal growth.